With its own tent, the real Ales are regarded as important as any headline band! There are usually around 100 different Ales to work your way through, all lifted and hand tapped (including the inevitable head to toe soaking) by resident experts within the Round Table.

Needless to say whether your preferred tipple is lager, G&T, wine, even dark fruit cider, we aim to quench any and all thirsts … all at a reasonable price of course (and if a round does catch you by surprise, hey, just remember every penny of profit goes to local great causes!; ).

Here’s the list what’s behind our 2017 bar:


Bud Light
Long Blonde


Strongbow Dark Fruit
Strongbow Cloudy
Bidendens Dry
Bidendens Sweet


187ml Pinot Grigio/Sauvignon
187ml Merlot
187ml Rose


Jack Daniels & Coke
Rum & Coke
Gin & Tonic
Vodka & Coke
Pimms (Draught)


Long Man Best 4
Long Man APA 4.8
Long Man Copper Hop 4.2
Long Man Old Man 4.3
Long Man Sleeping Giant 3.8
Dark Star HopHead 3.8
Dark Star APA 4.7
Dark Star Revelation 5.7
Dark Star Original 5
Dark Star Sunburst 4.8
FILO Crofters
FILO gold
FILO old town tom
FILO Churches
Old Dairy Red top 3.8
Old Dairy Uber Brew 3.8
Old Dairy gold top 4.3
Franklins English Garden 3.8
Franklins Mama Knows Best 4.1
Franklins Cask Resurrection 4.2
Franklins Citra 5.5
Harveys Best Bitter 4
Arundel wild Heaven 5.2
Arundel Session IPA 4.2
Arundel Sussex IPA 4.5
Arundel Sussex Gold 4.2
1648 sacred solstice 4.3
1648 royal britannia 3.8
1648 bee head 4.6
1648 signature 4.4
Batlle Brewery Conquest Copper Ale
Batlle Brewery Abbey Pale Ale
Hammerpot Bottle Wreck Porter
Hammerpot Red Hunter
Hammerpot HPA
Hammerpot Mosaic Pale
Hammerpot Madgwick Gold
Beachy Head legless Rambler
Beachy Head Southdowns
Downlands Cloud Physics Pale Ale 4.1
Downlands Cascade IPA 5
Downlands Dark Life 4.5
Kissingate Black Cherry Mild 4.2
Kissingate Moon 4.5
Kissingate Mandarina Red 4.8
Langham hiphop 4
Langham sundowner 4.2
Otter Amber 4.2
Otter Ale 4.5
Fullers London Pride 4.1
St Austell Tribute 4.2
St Austell Proper Job 4.5
St Austell Trelawny 3.8
Bath Ales Gem 4.1
Hop Back Summer Lightning 5
Adnams Ghost Ship 4.5
Adnams Broadside 4.7
Ringwood 49er 4.9
Youngs Special 4.5
Timothy Taylor Landlord 4.3
Timothy Taylor Boltmaker 4
Skinners Betty Stoggs 4
Skinners Lushingtons 4.2
Skinners Hops and Honey 4
Sharps Doom Bar 4
Sharps Sea Fury 5
Hogs Back Tea 4.2
Hogs BAck Surrey Nirvana 4.2
Shiny Brewing Happy People 4.2
Shiny Brewing Disco Balls 5.3
Box Steam Brewery Perfect Serve 4
Box Steam Brewery Piston Broke 4.5
George Gale Beach Comber 3.8
Caledonian Golden XPA 4.3
Theakstons Old Peculiar 5.6
Wadworth 6X 4.1